J loves fly fishing

I'm Jesper Hultqvist, a fly fisher living in Stockholm, Sweden. I mostly fish for rainbow trout because it is the fishing I have closest to home, but I have been know to throw a fly at grayling and northern pike. I would LOVE to go to warmer waters and try my luck with bonefish and tarpon!
I'm a gear junkie. There you have it. I am not ashamed to admit it. You can't have too much gear and I love trying out new stuff.
Want to contact me and/or offer me gear to review? Contact me here.

About the blog

It's all about fly fishing. It's about the skills, the gear and the experience. In other words: Here you will find my gear reviews, posts about how to improve your fly fishing, my thoughts and stories about fishing trips, links to cool movies and things like that.

I also have my own podcast in Swedish about fly fishing and a blog. On the podcast I interview people in the know and do gear reviews. I also have an extensive collection of links to reviews of fly fishing rods. Be sure to check it out.